Facilities Management

ESS offers several solutions to meet clients’ specific needs to operate their facilities efficiently. Our Total Facilities Management solution, as an example, can incorporate all facilities management service lines under a one-team model that enables cross-skilling and multifunctional responsibilities throughout the various service streams.

Facilities Engineering

During the life-cycle of facilities, minor and major modifications are required to adapt to changes in capacity and to maintain or improve functionality. ESS has a team of professional engineers and project managers that are capable to execute projects efficiently from planning and design to handover.

Design / Build Services

Backed by years of engineering experience, latest construction technology, and new design trends; ESS can design and build spaces that truly reflects clients’ specific needs. ESS can develop initial ideas quickly and efficiently; thanks to our design-build integration approach adopted by our highly qualified team of architects, engineers, interior designers, and project managers.

Commercial Services

With its extensive local and international business ties, ESS offers procurement solutions of engineering components and systems that part of facilities infrastructure. All systems and components supplied are of the highest quality and comply with local and international standards.

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